Yellow Machinery

We are direct importers and marketers of used yellow machinery from China, Canada, the United States and Belgium, we have four years of experience in importing and marketing yellow machinery nationwide.

The lines of machinery that we import are Excavators, Backhoes, Motor Graders and Vibrocompactors, our machines offer optimal performance, versatility and efficiency.

Maquinaria Amarilla

Types of yellow machinery:


There are two types of crawler and wheeled excavators, ideal for moving earth and other materials in rough ground, they have a mobile arm and can turn 360 degrees in both directions in an interrupted way.


It is a variant among the conventional excavator. It differs from the excavator in that it has an additional shovel at the front


Self-propelled machine on wheels has different types of rollers that help speed up the soil compaction process. It is also known as a roller, roller or static compactor.

Motor grader

It is a piece of machinery that has a metal sheet, under it, ideal for leveling and collecting debris that may affect the straightness of the road.


Available Machinery

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