The International Access operations planning and execution model bases its main activity on the methodology called Supply Chain Operations Reference (Management of operations in the value chain). This is a tool that positions international physical distribution and supply chain scenarios, through optimization practices in the alignment and streamlining of international purchases and sales.

This is how this methodology establishes FOUR fundamental MODULES for the success of the development of operations from a Technical, Customs, Logistics and Commercial scope.


Our Methodology

Mapeo de proveedor

Supplier sourcing / supplier mapping

· Technical specifications of the product according to market of origin.
· Construction of origin criteria: collection of information on supplies, consumption by product and Exwork value.
· Analysis of supplier offers, quality, installed capacity. export quota and inventory levels.
· Implementation of international standard and homologation of norms according to product presentation.

Adecuación aduanera

Customs adequacy

· Definition of customs profile of the product.
· Establishment of legal criteria in the destination market (tax burden and customs duties for the Importer).
· Design of Minimum Load Descriptions.
· Validation of the commercial promotion agreement according to the projected destinations.

Módulo logístico

Logistics module

· Design of the international supply channel route.
· Establishment of Logistics Platform, Incoterms 2020 costs.
· Definition of MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity).
· Evaluation and level of service of the logistics links.

Módulo Comercial

Commercial Module

Country study prospects
· Relationship of the history of purchases in the destination market, values ​​and quantities of substitute products
· Elaboration of commercial file: Productive capacity, production times, payment methods and product attributes
· Definition of criteria for the International Purchase of Merchandise.
· Implementation of international standard and homologation of norms according to and presentation of the product.
· Other product conditioning requirements for the destination market.

Our services

Import Modules:

The module service is a set of packaged services based on our methodology for the planning and international sale of products.

Customs services:

Development of customs endorsements, cargo inspection, loading, recognition and unloading of products.

Courier Service:

Imports via Courier are the simplest way and the perfect solution for the commercialization of different products acquired from anywhere in the world. Through International Access we offer you our service in which you can import merchandise in small quantities.

International Insurance:

We provide all-risk coverage on cargo valued from $1,000,000, we handle the policy according to the type of operation and product, time and mode of transport

In international access, we carry out the procedures before the customs authority to nationalize the merchandise or the shipment, facilitating the importation and optimizing costs and delivery time.

Export diagram

Our import services by cargo or container are integrated into the Logistics chain as follows: Management and control of land, air, and maritime transport; port customs logistics and national transport, which allows greater control of operations, timely information, timely documentation, quality and safety.

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