Foreign Trade Outsourcing

Compras Internacionales

The management of international purchases is the process in which we carry out the acquisition of a product in international markets according to the technical and specific requirements of the clients, efficiently, effectively and optimizing costs, thus guaranteeing savings in time and money in the achievement of the product.

How do we do it

  • Analysis of the technical specifications of the product
  • Identification and search for suppliers
  • Supply chain strategy design
  • Negotiation of prices and terms of purchase and sale
  • Purchase management
  • Manage the international logistics chain
  • Nationalization of the product
  • National Logistics Administration
  • Customer delivery management
Compras internacionales

Value proposal

  • Historical data search

  • Construction of distribution channels (Wholesaler, Distribution, retailer, Niche)

  • Price identification

  • Benchmarking

  • Construction and data mining

  • Marketplace validation

  • Validation with control authorities

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